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Speaking of auctions, the Cup of Excellence (COE) held in October is famous, but the MRS was held three months after that. The gap at this time is also a very interesting initiative.

The COE entry deadline is September, while the MRS deadline is December.

In many parts of Brazil, coffee cherry harvest peaks in May and August. The deadline for COE exhibition is September, so most of the refining and drying will be in time for entry. However, what is harvested after the main harvest, called late harvest? Until now, we hadn't had the opportunity to exhibit, and even high quality items were hardly known to the public.


At the MICRO REGION SHOWCASE (MRS) auction, you will be able to collect items that have been harvested after the COE entry deadline (September) or small lots that do not meet the required volume. The MRS also complements late harvest lots, called late harvests, lots harvested in very small plots, and lots produced by small producers.