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In this issue, we will introduce “MICRO REGION SHOWCASE ILICINEA” held in Brazil in January 2020 and report on the actual participation. It's long, so it's easy to update it in several parts.





Held in the town of Iricinea, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil from January 20 to 23, 2020,A nano lot auction of green beans (green beans) held for micro roasters around the world,This is a symposium for coffee producers. This was the second time since the start in 2019.

thisMICRO REGION SHOWCASE (MRS) features areas that are not yet known as specialty coffee production areas, raising the awareness of green buyers from all over the world, stimulating producer know-how, and The intent of the host district itself is to put the market in action.

 This time, Irisinea is around here.

(Brazil, which boasts the world's highest coffee export volume, is of course the world's largest production area spread over its vast land area. BSCA uses a color-coded map of major production areas for reference.ORIGENS DE CAFÉ NO BRASIL)

シ ン This symposium attracted about 300 producers from all over the country, in addition to all the producers who exhibited at the auction. Topics discussed were "post-harvest processes" and "fermentation", where the latest developments were discussed, followed by lectures on the competitiveness and sustainability of specialty coffee production.


The MRS schedule is

1/20 Auction lot cupping 

1/21 Farm visit ← Kimura also participates from here

1/22 Auction lot cupping

1/23 Auction, Symposium, Guest Barista

It proceeded like this.


That was the outline of the outline so far.


オ This MRS which Onibus Coffee participated in this time,

"For farmers, an auction that brings much more profit than selling coffee to the market."

Accumulate the latest know-how for coffee production sites through symposiums. "

"Selection of venues aiming at market activity in the area.",

It is a new approach that has never been seen before, with a producer perspective at the root of all of them and a stance of being close to producers. 


Organized by the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) and curated by Felipe Cloche. Hosted by COCATREL, an agricultural producers organization based in Ilycinea, where the event took place.


The atmosphere of the venue is like this!

The venue for the event, Ilisinea, was about a six-hour drive from Belo Horizonte, the state capital of Minas Gerais, and is home to a population of around 10,000 with many coffee growers. The venue for the symposium and auction was held in a civic center attached to the church.

It is usually a very quiet place.

On the day, many producers from all over Brazil gathered, including those who exhibited at the auction. 

Producers who listen eagerly.

Auction lot cupping venue.

The auction and cupping will be posted on the blog later.



Why did you participate in the first place?

Felipe Crochet, a friend of the past


Felipe Croce

Felipe Crochet runs his FAF farm (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza) with his parents, which is set in a book titled "Coffee Revolution" published in 2019. You. He also runs a specialty coffee café in Sao Paulo with a lab called Isso É Café.

This time Onibus Coffee joined the MRS because he was invited.



First of all, we will report on the tour of the farm.

All of the farm visits conducted during the exhibition periodCOCATRELAround 5 farms belonging to.

Gabriel Miari belongs to COCATREL who served as the host. He explained the details of the farm with the producer.

Gabriel Miari


to be continued