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What determines the taste of coffee?

"Wow, this coffee is sour!"

Do you have such an experience? It seems that such a phenomenon often occurs in lightly roasted coffee that failed to be extracted. No matter how delicious the beans are, if the extraction fails, you will not be able to enjoy the original flavor of the beans. Extraction is so important that ONIBUS COFFEE recommends that you measure the amount and time of the beans and brew.ONIBUS COFFFE Recommended Extraction Method | Paper Drip
But in fact, the taste of coffee is not only determined by extraction. I wish I could talk a little bit today.

Until the coffee beans reach the cup

 What do you think is the process until the coffee beans reach the cup? There are four main types.
  1. Production (farmers)
  2. Sales (export trading company / import trading company)
  3. Roasting
  4. Extraction (varistor)

No matter how good a barista is, you can't make good coffee with beans that haven't been roasted. No matter how good the beans are, you can't get them without a trading company that handles them. The connection between people is also very important. Of course, even if you get very good beans and roast it with high quality, if the last extraction fails, everything is water bubbles. And everything is perfect, but at a price that no one buys, it makes no sense. Price is also an important factor.
That's right. All processes must be well balanced. In the shadow of a cup of delicious coffee, the efforts of many different people are hidden.

Why go directly to the farm

Improve the lives of everyone involved in coffee. This is also the mission of ONIBUS COFFEE. Every year we visit farms around the world to see (with our tongue) the beans we offer in our stores. Among them, Rwanda (Rwanda) always go every year.
Rwanda was once known as a tragic country due to the slaughter caused by the civil war, but recently it has been developing due to its high economic growth rate and its security has stabilized, and it has grown into a country called the "African Miracle". Rwanda is one of the world's most beloved coffee powers, with coffee production contributing significantly to its recovery, with coffee beans now accounting for 25% of total exports.
This is the fourth year since ONIBUS COFFEE has visited a farm, and it is finally being possible to explain the goodness of the farm. We have you guide the local fields, observe the cultivation situation, and finally contract what is good for cupping. Because we value the so-called Terroir-the flavor of the land-it is very important to see the fields directly and interact with local people.


Connect people with coffee.

 Whether you ask for a farm or import beans, it is very important to build relationships with local trading companies. The ability to meet and maintain a good relationship with a trusted local exporter is directly linked to providing stable and good beans. for that purposeONIBUS COFFEE donates 10% of sales to stationery in Guatemala with stationery etc.. We will do our best to keep good relationships with each other.