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In fact, is it a mistake?!How to serve light-roast specialty coffee | which does not become sour ONIBUS COFFEE

"The coffee drop by drop slowly and carefully 淹 れるのがいいんだよね ..."
When "I poured it, a bean swells out fresh でよいんだよね ..."

Yes! At first, please throw away the common sense, all!

Particularly, it is often said that light-roast specialty coffee beans cannot drink deliciously and is to be wrong a way of the extraction the cause.

Because, anyway, specialty coffee is a bean of high quality,If can extract it definitely, is delicious in the truth that is full of flavors like naturalism wine (vin nature); become full.

- - that the one which does not become delicious is different in how to serve.

I think that I can have talk today.


1. I set up an appliance

  • Kettle (Karita)
  • Dripper (HARIO V60)
  • Server (HARIO)
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Paper filter
  • Spoon
  • Grinder (Pau Rex, Wilfa)

Are there not many a grinder, a kettle, dripper, this server (as for one cup, possible to a coffee cup even directly) one necessary for four by all means, and to have?


The kettle has good thing to be able to pour in a narrow opening. Quantity of water adjustment is simple, and the cost performance recommends a thing of good Karita when I pour it in ONIBUS COFFEE. (Karita narrow opening pot


Because I influence way of falling of the hot water straight, the dripper is particularly important (because 浅煎 りは is quick and wants to extract it!) . In ONIBUS COFFEE, I recommend V60 of HARIO. It is cheap if made by plastic and is simple, but the ceramic thing has good durability and appearance and is recommended. (ONIBUS COFFEE-limited modelPlease check もありますので;)!

And by all means (or say by all means!) It is a kitchen scale to want you to add it. I measure the weight of coffee beans and quantity of the hot water. Such as "a coffee scale one cup" the person measuring comes,A bean and the ratio of the hot water are important to the extraction of the coffee! *The *** bean is entirely different in mass by a kind and a production center and the roast degreeI do it, and, anyway, blurring of little weight is connected directly with a taste. I was deceived by all means here! I think of と, and, please measure it properly once! The built-in thing that weight and time can guess the recommendation. The appearance may feel fine at a thing of HARIO, too. (HARIO drip coffee scale


This is important, too. A thing, static electricity to be able to saw do not cut out the points early uniformly. The former is smart, and the latter influences everyday convenience. Simple one of Pau RexSaw a hand; a mil. Because a trip can carry it, I have one, and there is not the loss. For a person drinking coffee, electric thick-haired codium is recommended every day. I handle it in ONIBUS COFFEE,Mil of WilfaReally recommended. Taste changed! The という voice will have it, too. It is reasonable, and swish and the North Europe design which I did do not take the place in comparison with other electric thick-haired codium either. Please try it! (Wilfa SVART Aroma Coffee grinder CGWS-130B) 

2. Temperature of hot water boiling hot water is 90 degrees Celsius - 95 degrees Celsius.

Because temperature management in the dripper is difficult, drip coffee is almost all right.I boil hot water with a kettle or a hot water supply device and generally am temperature like it when I move it in a container.

3. I measure a bean

The ONIBUS style per one cup 13 g (as for the hot water 225 ml). Two cups 26 g (as for the hot water 450 ml). The one that I want to serve a lot is 1 g of bean: It is all right if you can protect 17.3 ml of hot water!

4. I saw a bean

It is 中細挽 きです in drip coffee basically. It is the feeling that should set Wilfa "lowering Pau Rex five or six times with Kachi, Kachi from the smallest state" (after tightening a screw till the last) in "the interval of FILTER - AERO PRESS".

5. I set a bean

It has just finished warming a server and the cup and sets a bean on a paper filter evenly. Zero will reset a scale to measure quantity of water.

6. I steam it and pour it (40 g of ten seconds)

OK, let's pour the hot water of pitch eyes. I start a timer. At first it is 4It is less than ten seconds with 0 g of hot waterI pour で. Is thorough to sink into the whole; round and round. It is good to flow into it like a brick than I think!

The senior is / more \

Please flow into it in spite of being Java Java and agitation with "a spoon" then if able to afford. Because the 浅煎 りの bean is heavy and is easy to set in the bottom, please be conscious so that hot water is gone around uniformly. When it is a spoon, it is easy to do it in a handedness.

7. Steam (30 seconds)

I just wait for 30 seconds (I wait until, in brief, a timer is 0:30). I draw the flavor of the bean by steaming it and create clean taste. Let's wait while enjoying a good fragrance of the coffee.

8. After 2 throw eyes (225 g of total 80 g of 60 g of 45 g of → → three times =)

Afterwards30Every second hot water80g60g45g3I divide it into a time and am 225gmI pour it.From the center of the dripper to the outside from the outside to the insideI pour と to draw Japanese yen round and round. It is good not to stir it after 2 throw eyes. Let's wait if it becomes 225 g until all the hot water finishes falling.

Let's aim at what we finish falling all in in from two minutes 30 seconds to three minutes. Because the delicious ingredient finishes extracting it even if I stretch it out further, and taste such as the added flavor in the course of the brewing comes out instead, it may be over by all means in less than three minutes. After extraction, it is the best that powder is in a flat condition!

Extraction summary

I start a timer!

  • I steam it at 0:00 and pour it
  • ... Steam (until it is 30 seconds); ...
  • I pour it the 0:30 first
  • I pour it the 1:00 second
  • I pour it the 1:30 third and pour it to 225 g
  • All the hot water finishes falling for from 2:30 to 3:00


Kana that \ is or falling early or / which does not fall

It becomes thin and is apt to be extracted a mistake without sawing it, and falling early, and being able to finish extracting it when eyes are too rough without readily falling when too small adversely. I saw it and adjust a mesh and will control extraction time.

For ONIBUS COFFEE, I recommend that I introduce a best grinder. What can saw a bean uniformly becomes important above all to be stable, and to control taste. Because it is one switch, it is very easy. Because delicious coffee becomes able to drink without stress in busy morning, please try it.I sell a grinder of Wilfa in an online store. Taste really changes!

Try it in various ways; and one cup that is special for oneself

How about? It may seem to be difficult when I look by a letter, but it is easy if used. Please try it many times! I want to know the extraction more! I want to become good! Because I hold the workshop, the という person, please participate. (I respond in Facebook, and, please check holding information