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About Guatemala Coffee


At ONIBUS COFFEE, in February every year, we take out tsuchiya and Guatemala, a coffee importer.

Guatemala is a country in Central America that faces both the Caribbean and Pacific seas and has about three percent of Japan's land area.
Located between 14 and 18 degrees north latitude,
Guatemala City, the capital, is on the Pacific side of the southern part of the country.
Guatemala City is about 1500 m above sea level.
The average temperatures are around 18°C throughout the year.

Major coffee producers include Huewetenango, Atitran, Cobain, Freihanes, San Marcos,
It consists of eight of Antigua, Oriente and Acatenango.

Among them, wewetenango we go
From Japan (this time) about 22 hours via Houston, arrive in Guatemala City at night, overnight and drive 8 hours further north to the Mexican border.
Cross the mountain at an altitude of 3,000 m and run on the way to see Lake Atitlan, also known as the "most beautiful in the world."

Guatemala is famous as an Aztec and a place where Mayan civilization flourished, and the colorful costumes of the natives are also wonderful!

Mr. Ileuto who has done the workshop also in Onibus
Because i manufacture it in Guatemala and do sales, please check it by all means.

a hidden farm near the Mexican border

Off the paved road and about an hour's drive away, the warm winds from Mexico flow.
La Libertat / La Borsa farm is located in the mountains where the light shines in. It is the highest altitude of the guantáamong the production area of Guatemala coffee, and the difference between the cold and cold is severe, and it is suitable for coffee cultivation because a warm wind flows in from Mexico there.

The soil is made up of raised limestone, and it is a land rich in calsim and minerals, and it is overflowing with fresh water.

The coffee we buy is from the Ventana Grande area, which produces the best quality coffee on this Labolsa farm.

I buy it in the onibus limited lot, and offer it to everyone.

In fact, I asked Mr. Tsuchiya and the farmer Renaud, who had been communicating for several years and imported it, and finally purchased a microlot!

Ventana Grande means a large window, but there is a large rock on the LaBolsa farm and a tunnel that opens like a window, but when you get through there, you'll go out to the Ventana Grande area.

This scenery is really great, and you can feel the power of this forest!

I like this place on the LaBolsa farm!!

In Guatemala, seasonal workers, called "pickers", who pick from January to April of the coffee season, come to work for coffee harvesting, but in many cases they are poor, so children are usually absent from school to help with coffee harvesting at this time of year.

Since the 1980s, the LaBolsa farm has been focusing on education, and has set up a Kinder Garden in the farm facility to create an environment where children can study!!

We are working together a little bit, and we present 10% of our sales on the anniversary with stationery and playground equipment.

Today, renaud, the third generation, manages the farm and management, and has established a new school building. In addition to education, we are also focusing on coffee production, including thorough management of new varieties and processes, and we are increasing the number of Labolsa fans all over the world!
I've been working on this farm for 40 years, and I can see that the farmers and the farmers have a solid relationship.
WeONIBUS COFFEEbecause the quality of coffee and the attractiveness of the natural environment as a production site, as well as education, management, and so on, because we sympathize with various initiatives such as education and operation, this production site as much as possible to be able to continue trading Libertat LaBorsa" is a place to visit.