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Kenya / goboboya AA
Kenya / goboboya AA
Kenya / goboboya AA

Kenya / goboboya AA

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Gatomboya AA

Location : Nyeri
Varietal : SL28, SL34
Process : Fully Washed
Altitude : 1,700-1,750m

Grapefruit, blood range, dark cherry, syrupy

The Gatomboya factory was established in 1987, and became a member of Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society in 1966.

Coffee cherries that are brought by contracted farmers, are sorted by the degree of ripeness, then processed individually by grade of the quality.After being removed pulp, the beans are fermented for up to 25~36 hours and soaked in clean water for 24 hours before drying. This process makes a clean cup and presents terroir and the flavor characteristics derived from the variety.

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