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coffee soap

In the ONIBUS COFFEE, we will create a product called "Coffee Soap," a product that uses coffee after the extraction of coffee, as a material recycling effort for the recycling of natural resources, and advance sales in the online shop.

Of course, as the coffee shop cannot make soap, I collaborating with COFFEE FREAK PRODUCTS, and the material was derived from the natural origin of the olive oil, and I made a handmade by a workman in soap workshop.

COFFEE FREAK PRODUCTS thinks that the coffee "glass" is emitted every time a coffee is extracted, and that it has newly created soap and candles to sell a portion of its sales to the producers of coffee beans.

Coffee, soap,
Since soap soap is made in the process of cold process production, and uses sodium hydroxide as a minimum, except for the use of sodium hydroxide as a chemical reaction that is essential for making soap, all of the soap is natural and natural, so it is safe to use all of the body.

This is the soap soap, which is mixed with the coffee Grans (coffee cacus) of STEP BLEND that came out when the espresso extract was extracted at the ONIBUS COFFEE Yakumo store. Contains the scrubbing effect because it contains granular-grained coffee grains for espresso.

I was in charge of this packaging design.
Daisuke Hiratsuka, an ALNICO DESIGN INC., who works with many other product designs and art work in "Butter's Cousin".The guy who was soaked in the coffee cup is a very nice character!

He was a bit of a gift, of course not for his home.

"Cycle of consumers to producers in the coffee cass" and "resource cycle cycle."

ONIBUS COFFEE provides a cup of coffee for each cup of coffee, with an average of 15 to 20 grams of coffee. When calculated in years, a large amount of coherus is left at the level of tons.

This year's coffee soap was created by reusing these materials as product materials and contributing to the cycle of resource recycling.

The coffee soils, which have been produced in similar projects, are aimed at recycling waste organic matter to earth and using them at home.(It is being sold at stores and on-line shops.)

"COFFEE FREAK PRODUCTS", who asked for cooperation to proceed with the project, uses the cohesus to create a cycle that connects the producer to the roaster, the consumer to the producer, and the producer of the coffee.

It is a mechanism that makes it possible to make a cycle by using the actual coffee coheres in the shop to produce soap, and to donate some of the sales price minus the production cost to the coffee bean producer or to a group supporting the coffee.

On the ONIBUS COFFEE, we sympathic with this "cycle of consumer-to-producers from consumers in the coffee cass."

With COFFEE FREAK PRODUCTS.We made this soap together.


[Soap Details]
Soap size: 65x65x26 (mm)
weight: 100g
Raw materials: olive oil, water, palm oil, palm oil, hydroxides, and arabic-coherent seed
Place of production: Osaka
AwardTerm: 3 years from manufacturing
How to save: Saving a normal temperature in a sealed state


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