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 It ’s Not French Press.
 American press

 Faster and more delicious
 The strong extraction power by pressure and the ultra-fine eye steel filter extract delicious coffee in a short time.
 You can enjoy a full-fledged coffee even in a busy morning or everyday life with little time. Moreover, it can be extracted according to the type of beans and how to grind it if you like.
 There is no crisp texture that is common in French press, and it is easy to brew, so it is always finished with a stable taste,
 You can enjoy a smooth, gentle and firm flavor of coffee until the last bite.

 Simple coffee taste that can be slowly brewed by hand
 I want to easily make delicious coffee, but I want to extract the unique flavor of each coffee bean, and I want to complete the ultimate brewing method by sticking to the coffee flavor I want.
 American Press has fulfilled this desire for coffee.
 To extract the unique taste of coffee beans, the flavor is extracted in a short time by pressure, and the residue of the filtered coffee beans is stored in a patented closed pod, which makes the processing after extraction easy.

 Easy to wash and environmentally friendly
 It is meaningless if the material of the container and the treatment of the residual waste lack environmental considerations.
 The closed pod technology allows the filter to be used repeatedly without replacing it, making it easy to clean and clean.
 The residue of the coffee beans that have been brewed in the pod fits neatly and is easy to process.

 Unprecedented experience
 Beautiful and simple design, compact and space-saving, the double-layered container does not get hot even when hot water is added, and it has excellent heat retention.
 The process of making coffee is unique, and when you press slowly, the process of turning transparent hot water into coffee color is like a magic, and the taste of coffee is transmitted.

 Size: Diameter 88 x Height 210mm Capacity (Standard) 355ml (MAX) 414ml
 Pods and containers Tritan (saturated polyester)
 Lid plastic
 Packing silicone
 Lid flange stainless steel
 Filter Stainless steel (100 micron extra fine steel)
 Aluminum handle


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