Free domestic shipping for orders over 3,500 yen!

Notice of website renewal!

\ Online store renewal! /

-English below-

Onibus Coffee's website and online store are new!

It is easier to buy than ever before, and we will continue to handle orders from overseas! The main changes to the online store are here,


Domestic free shipping with orders of 3,500 yen or more!!

Even if the order of less than 3,500 yen is lower than the current, the shipping fee in all areas is cheaper than the current!

Multi-lingual support!!

And there were a lot of inquiries, onibas coffee originalMiiR TumblerWill be available in the online shop!!


In addition, in this renewal, you can see wholesale sales, support training, help with new openings, and quality control of onibus coffee in an easy-to-understand manner.

News and columns are still in the future, but i'm going to increase the content little by little, so please look forward to it.


And to all of you who have been using the Onibus Coffee Online Shop for more than ever,

With the renewal of the online site, after the new site migration, please register your customer information again. Thank you for any trouble.

Due to the renewal, you may be inconvenienced by the inability to use the functions that you have used so far. Thank you for your understanding.


It is easier to use than ever before, so we will aim for a rich website, thank you very much in the future!!




ONIBUS COFFEE has a new website and online store!

Better usability to browse and shop, of we course take orders and ship overseas too

Here are some points we are going to make changes

○ Free postage for orders over 3,500yen (ONLY in Japan)

○ Domestic postage discount for orders under 3,500yen

○ Multi-language MiiR bottles and tumblers will be available online as well as at our shops. Conditions above will be applied after the website renewal


Also we are going to introduce our work such as wholesale, training, and quality control on the new website.


To the customers who have been our us current online shop, please reregister your info to the new online shop.


Look forward to seeing you at the new website!

Thank you!